Lovegrove Nudes

Posted on September 9, 2013


A while back now I came across an extremely talented photographer called Damien Lovegrove who originally started off in the wedding business with his wife Julia and now offers training, equipment and DVD’s on his business site lovegrove consulting. I’ve watched a few of his DVD’s and always found him to be very enthusiastic and passionate about what he does and he manages to explain things in a very simple and straight forward manor. So for a while now I’ve wanted to attend one of his workshops but they have always filled up very quickly and I keep missing them. Well to cut a long story short I started following him on twitter and he followed me back and then announced a workshop before it went live on the site called Lovegrove Nudes. This was a one day workshop working with a beautiful and talented model, Camilla Rose Helley taking place in a stunning 17th Century Grade Two listed family home, Pipewell Hall. This was something not to be missed!

The day, Monday 1st July arrived and I set off from my home in Stevenage and travelled just over 1 hour to Pipewell Hall. I arrived a bit early but was shown through to the kitchen/dinning area and was greeted with a cup of coffee and home made biscuits, great start!. In due time the other workshop participants arrived and we al had a chat about where we were from and what sort of photography we liked to do until Damien came and joined us after finalising his plan for the day. He sat down and outlined what his perception of the day would be and what we would achieve during the course of the day by either using natural light or continuous lighting, or a mixture of both. We waited while Camilla got ready with the make up artist, Claudia.

Over the course of the day we created images in various rooms of the house and also outside in the fabulous grounds and the workshop came to a close around 5.30pm. Some of us said our goodbyes whilst a few of us went with Damien to the local pub for a drink and bite to eat. I have to say this was an amazing day. The knowledge I gained from Damien totally blew my mind and the good thing about it was that he explained everything so simply that it just stuck in my mind. The images I obtained are of a high portfolio standard and I’m very proud of what I achieved on the day. Unfortunately I can’t post them on here but I have added a link to my 500px website if you so wish to take a look. There are more to be added over the coming days.

I highly recommend getting yourself onto one of Damien’s workshops if you can as it will benefit your photography greatly and you will come away buzzing with new ideas, I certainly have. Once again a big thanks to Damien, Camilla and Claudia for the day and Trudie at Pipewell Hall for making us all feel so welcome in their home.


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