My favourites of 2014

Posted on January 7, 2015

Kirkjufell Mountain

So thats’ 2014 done and dusted and for me it was a great year photographically speaking. Lots of improvements in style and technique made and now with my current kit I feel confident in my workflow and approach to image making. So I thought I’d share my personal top 5 favourites of 2014 which as I’m writing this it is now dawning on me that it’s going to be a tough choice narrowing it down to just 5 images. But here we go in reverse order….

No 5 – Solitude



This image was taken down in Kent and was one of the first images I’d taken with the new Fuji X-T1 camera with the 10-24mm lens. I was getting used to the camera and learning it’s capabilities when it came to long exposures, as there had been a light leak issue announced by Fuji with the camera at the time. It was a bit of a mixed morning with rain/mist and sunshine all appearing within minutes of each other. the mist really helped break the horizon line in the image giving it that infinity feel to it.

No 4 – Remains



This is a place that I had previously visited a couple of years back and wanted to visit again. the problem is though that access to the pier is limited for 2 reasons. Firstly they have a floating divers pontoon positioned directly around the front of the remains for a large part of the year making it not possible to shoot, the second problem is that access is via a paid gate and these gates are only open from say 9am to 5pm and less during winter months. that means it really is not accessible for sunrise or sunset times so you need to get in early when the light is low and not quite reaching the pier if you are wanting to do a long exposure like this.

No 3 – Bluebell Sunset

Bluebell Sunset

I’ve always wanted a decent Bluebell image and always had this type of composition in mind with the tree shadows stretching through the frame. Finding a decent woodland with nicely spaced out trees and a un-messy ¬†floor though is not that easy to find. After a tip off about this location I went along one evening and although a very popular place with families running around all over the place I managed to get a “person free” shot.

No 2 – Fanad Lighthouse

Lighthouse Sunrise

This trip over to Ireland was a repeat trip with the same guys from the previous year. That year we went to County Antrim and had a fantastic time. This trip was to County Donegal and we visited some amazing locations. This place was breathtakingly beautiful and as we sat there on the grassy cliffs it was a joy to watch the sun come up. A place that I really want to visit again.

No 1 – Kirkjufell

Kirkjufell Mountain

This was right at the start of the year and over in Iceland. We were there for a week and visited some amazing locations and a place where I really want to go back when the snow isn’t there. It’s such a volcanic place but lot’s of greenery which makes the landscape so beautiful. This location is well known and been shot to death over the years but not by me and it was a place that was a must on my visit list. We were so lucky that morning as it was about the best sunrise of the whole trip. The image has done really well for me both in getting my work more noticed and in a few competitions where it has got me shortlisted. It actually made me a finalist in Travel Photographer of The year 2014 which is a proud achievement. Its also had something like 61,000 views on Flickr, which I know doesn’t mean that much in the grand scheme of things but it’s nice to know that that many people have taken a look. Shame they all didn’t buy a copy!

So that is it 2014 has ended and we have welcomed in 2015, the year hoover boards were supposed to be in use according to the film back To The Future. We do however have more drone copters around which has endless photographic possibilities and one i  hope to try out this year to add another dimension to my imagery. I hope to carry on learning and improving and wish everyone a great year and happy shooting!


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Ray Fidler

January 7, 2015 at 1:46 pm

Hi Rich,

An interesting read to support 5 great images. I look forward seeing you images through 2015.

Best regards



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