Dorset From Above

Posted on September 12, 2016

Durdle Door Above

I’ve recently been on holiday back down to Dorset where we have tended to go for the past few years as the kids love the Haven site we use there. Personally I’d like to strangle Bradley Bear & Co but that’s another story :-).

I took my DJI Inspire Pro RAW with me on this trip and left my camera gear behind to save on boot space. The 16MP camera on the Inspire is amazing so I thought if I wanted to take any stills then this would be fine for that also. The weather was great over the two weeks we were away and I only had a couple of ¬†mornings when it was too windy to risk flying the drone. It can be scary enough at the ¬†best of times flying it out to sea and dodging the odd seagull, knowing that if it falls out of the sky then thats it, I’ve lost it. The Inspire performed flawlessly for me and I managed to record video clips totalling 512GB onto the SSD that fits in the X5R camera. The editing process with RAW .dng files is very long as the file sizes are so huge it takes a lot of time getting them from the camera onto your computer and then into whichever software you choose to do your editing in. I use Adobe Premiere Pro and have come up with a workflow that seems to suit me for the time being. I definitely think I need to up my computer specs though as the playback of RAW 4K footage on my system is very jumpy and it makes it very hard to edit the clips in the exact spot you want them cut to. I’m going to look into getting a Mac Pro 5.1 system.

Anyway I visited the various landmarks over the time I was away and come up with this little video which I really enjoy putting together.




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September 13, 2016 at 4:00 pm

Beautifully edited. Some stunning locations showing Dorset at its best. Hope you’ll be back soon!


Simon Hooper

November 29, 2016 at 7:04 pm

Very nice work. Were Lulworth Estate easy to deal with re permission?


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