DJI Inspire 1

Posted on July 20, 2015


I’ve always liked the look of the DJI drones and felt that they could bring a new angle to my photography that you can’t get with a normal set up, plus I’ve always fancied trying my hand at video as well so recently I have purchased the DJI Inspire 1 for myself and after reading all the manual and online posts about set up and compass and IMU calibration and all the scary stuff about how if not set up properly these things can just take off with a mind of their own never to be seen again i took it out for its maiden flight in the park behind my house.

I must say I was really nervous at first but once I had done all my pre flight checks, twice, and got it in the air the nerves calmed down and i really started to enjoy flying it up and down the park. I was surprised just how responsive it was to the remote controller and how stable it was in the air. The on board camera is mounted to a gimbal which keeps the camera “free floating” so you do not get any shake in the recording. It’s capable of 4K video and 12mp stills. Before you all say why are you playing with toys i’d like to point out that this is a serious piece of kit and no toy, it has a distance range on it of up to 1.5 -2 miles and can go upwards in height of way 120 metres. For safety though I have mine set at a maximum flight height of 120 metres and never fly it to a point where I cannot see it with my own eyes.There have been too many reports in the press and online of idiots crashing these things or flying them near airports etc. This really is such a stupid thing to do and gives the people who fly sensibly and responsibly a bad name. I hope at some stage to take my license with the CAA so that I can use it for commercial purposes.

Well anyway I took it out for its 3rd flight last Saturday morning at a Lavender farm to try and film enough footage to piece together a short youtube video. To do this I have also had to start learning how to use Adobe Premier Pro to edit video, this in itself has been a major headache as it is always when learning new software. After about 4 attempts and lots of accidental deleting of clips I have finally managed to put together the video below. It’s by no means perfect but its a start to a new project and something I look forward to getting to learn even more and hopefully your see some new images from me soon that will show a different angle/perspective than the norm.

Hope you enjoy!


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