Best laid plans……

Posted on March 13, 2015

Sometimes even with planning you get things wrong.

This is the situation I found myself in a couple of weekends ago when looking for somewhere to go shoot on the coast. Living in Hertfordshire I’m around 2 hours from the Norfolk coast, 3 hours from the Dorset coast and about 2 hours again from the Kent coast so I do try my best to plan things such as tides etc the best I can as it’s a long way to drive for nothing. I use an App on my iPhone called Tides Planner to check the position of the sun through out the various times of the day. So anyway on this particular Friday I planned a trip for the Saturday to Caister-On-Sea as I had seen some great pictures of the groynes there on the beach and I had Long Exposure photography in my mind as the main aim of the day. I looked on Google maps at the beach to check out the positioning of the groynes but they do not show up, you can see a tiny bit of one that is slightly uncovered by the sand but nothing like what I had seen. So my dilemma was how close to the sea do they start and finish.

As I wasn’t sure I had to guess roughly where the water may reach up them at high tide and where ideally I’d like it to be for what I had in mind. I decided that high tide was 6.35am and that I would need to be there by around 7.00am for the sea to be in just the right position. So I got myself up that morning at 4.00am and was out the door by 4.20am and on my way. As I arrived it was just getting light and I strolled down onto the beach to see that the tide was actually a lot further out in comparison as to where I wanted it to be. I knew that I actually had about 20 minutes left before the tide would have passed the point that I was going to get anything decent so it was a mad scramble to get the camera out and on the tripod, along with the filters etc. I made the best of what I could but realised I’d balls up and should have been there earlier but at least I’m aware now of the layout of the beach that next time I’ll get it right.

The image above is one from that rushed morning. Not particular a favourite of mine but I think it’s good to not only post the great images you get but also the ones that sometimes don’t quite come up to standard. We are always learning.


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