A trip to Scotland

Posted on November 8, 2015


I recently spent 4 days up in Scotland with good friends and fellow photographers David Breen, Daniel Hannabuss and Terry Gibbins. My photography has taken a bit of a back seat recently due to a combination of loss of mojo and enjoying flying my drone and learning to edit film so I was eager to get up there and have a go at both flying and photography. We left Stevenage at around 9pm and after bad weather and road closures finally got to Rannoch Moor in the very early hours and pitch blackness. A few hours attempted kip in the cars and we stepped out to howling winds and rain, welcome to Scotland!

Over the next few days the weather was changeable and we had wind, rain and sun, usually all in the same day. We visited some marvellous locations and stayed in 3 different hotels/B&B’s as we moved around. I can see why Scotland is such a draw to photographers, the landscape and mountains were so wild and raw and the Autumn colours were stunning. Would love to go back when there is some snow capping the tops of the mountains.

I’m still processing all the images I took but have included a couple below and the 1st edit of the filming I did. All in all I’m really pleased to have found my photography mojo again and look forward to a return trip.

12183870_1035425893175160_2360637495445568728_o  Calm



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