A few days in Dorset

Posted on November 15, 2017


Last week I decided on taking a couple of days off work to travel down to one of my favourite counties in the country, Dorset. There where two reasons behind this, one my Recruitment Business that I own and manage is extremely busy currently and I have staff off over Christmas so needed a couple of days to de-stress before things got too manic, the second reason was that two great friends were over from Ireland to do some photography in Dorset & Cornwall so it was a great opportunity to meet up with them and catch up on things. We were also joined by a long time friend and fellow tog Terry Gibbins.

Well I left work at midday on the Wednesday, car all packed and started the 3 hour drive down to Weymouth. It’s a drive I’ve done many a time so it wasn’t long before I was only half an hour from Weymouth. I looked at my watch, 15.15. Sunset was at 16.34 and the Skyfire App was telling me there was a high possibility of a good sunset today. I already had a voice message from my friends that they would be at Portland Bill for sunset and I didn’t have a decent sunset image from that location so decided to head there. Well the traffic started to have different ideas for me and I hit lots of roadworks and at 16.05 I was in the middle of Weymouth at another set of temporary traffic lights thinking its a good 15 mins still from here do I just go to the B&B and check in and wait for them or do I just go for it.

Well I went for it and got to the car park at 16.20 and grabbed my gear and just headed for the spot I knew would give me the best composition, not knowing where my friends might be but I should of guessed they would be plonked right where I had headed! The light didn’t let us down at all and I was very pleased with what I had captured. If that was the only image I was going to get this trip then it was worth it just for that one. We packed up and headed back to the car and B&B.

The next couple of days we visited Kimmeridge Bay, Swanage, Durdle Door, Lulworth Cove, Lyme Regis etc. As I’ve mentioned Dorset has so many good spots to visit. The weather wasn’t the best but we still grabbed the odd decent image as we went and it was good just to be out of the office in the fresh air, albeit windy and cold. As always it was really good to meet up with the guys and have a laugh and joke and take photos. A trip to Scotland in January was planned and the workshop I’m running in Iceland was discussed. You can find out more about that here

Dorset, Portland Bill  Dorset, Durdle Door


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