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Since a young age I’ve had a passion for photography but like all young people it seemed to come and go in fads, I’d buy a camera, use it a couple of times then put it in the drawer. Then I’d remember it some months later and get it out again. I did try purchasing a DSLR at a younger age and just couldn’t get my head round it so went back to the good old compact, but a couple of years ago I decided to give it a proper go and here we are now. I love photography, it’s a science. There are so many things that have to come together to make an image, the composition, the weather etc, It’s not just a matter of point and click, though some professionals do make it seem that easy! There is nothing better than being on a beach or out in the landscape as the sun rises with just the tranquility of the birds singing or the waves crashing against the rocks or the beach. It can be such a great release from the stress of daily life.

I have now been lucky enough to of been published in all the leading landscape books such as Landscape Photographer Of The Year, Scottish Landscape Photographer Of The Year, International Garden Photographer Of The Year and Outdoor Photographer Of The Year, along with various high street magazines. I’m very passionate about my photography and I’m always happy to spend time speaking to people and passing on tips and the information I have learnt over the years. So here we are, Enjoy the website and feel free to leave comments on my blog posts and if you ever need any advice feel free to drop me a email and I’m always happy to try an help .

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A few days in Dorset

Last week I decided on taking a couple of days off work to travel down to one of my favourite counties in the country, Dorset. There where two reasons behind this, one my Recruitment Business that I own and manage is extremely busy currently and I have staff off over...MORE

Beara Peninsula

The Trip – Beara Peninsula I’ve just returned from a fantastic trip to Ireland’s Beara Peninsula, A very rugged part of the country which reminds me very much of parts of Scotland such as Ullapool. A few years back I had met a photographer on the hillside facing Corfe Castle...MORE

Scottish Landscape Photographer Of The Year

I am over moon with being awarded a commended in the Landscape category of this years Scottish Landscape Photographer Of The Year. I was originally shortlisted with a chance for overall title winner with 3 images being chosen but to actually get in the book with any acknowledgement is a...MORE